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Inspiration at its Worst
I feel inspired all of a sudden to pursue my dreams. But I usually get these small insights of hope at the wrong time and place. Lying in bed, for example, I sometimes get good ideas and my fingers start to twitch and I'm restless. But there's not much one can do in the middle of the night; for an exhausted body needs its rest.
And then sometimes when I get headaches I find myself unable to work. My stomach hurts to no extent and I get drowsy. When I get headaches, I like to go in my room and just rest. I don't sleep or twiddle my thumbs. I just lie down and close my eyes. I get headaches when I'm overly excited. So my happiness and inspiration is put to an end when that pounding drill explodes upon my brain.
Sometimes I wake up in a good mood. I know those days are often times the best of my life. But the trouble is when I wake up in a good mood and find out it's a SCHOOL day. School sucks the life out of me. It hangs above my head in the air, waiting to pierce my skin with its sharp
:icontracystromberg:TracyStromberg 2 0
I noticed you in the corner. Silently breathing. Breathing heavily. Were you hurt? Everyone passes by without even a second glance. They don't see you. They don't see your pain. I know how hard you cry at night. I look at your sodden, soaking pillowcase. I know your secrets, mister. Yet you get up in the morning with a bright smile on your face. Pretending everything is perfectly okay. But why do you hide all this? Why do you ignore that plea for help in your scarred heart? You have nothing to be ashamed of. There is help waiting for you. But I know you don't think you're worth it. You think everything is your fault. You blame yourself for the mistakes of other's. But to the public eye, you are Mr. Perfect. Dazzling smile, confidence radiating from your skin. They can't see what's within. They don't see the cracked dirt underneath, already starting to cave in. It's no use telling you not to treat yourself this way. I know you won't listen to me. You're a madman; a lunatic. But this is
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The lack of background and shading on the cat really trips me up. I like how you made him keep the same pose like in the old one. The w...

This has great plot! This prologue definitely makes me want to read more. Though there were some grammar mistakes, overall, it was a ve...

I've heard the backstory of this cat, Acid, and I would say that his description fits perfectly with this picture. He is dark, scary, m...

Well, to start this off, I would just like to say that I love the way you did the eyes! I don't believe I've seen you do it like that b...


1. Do you miss Peter?

     -I cry myself to sleep at night just thinking about him. </3 MCE sad :(  :'( cry He's just so PERFECT. Man, if someone were to separate us and cause us not to see each other ever again, I WOULD KILL THAT PERSON AND MAKES SURE HE/SHE PAYS THE FULL PRICE OF HIS/HER ACTIONS AGAINST OUR LOVE.

Sweating a little...

2. What is one thing Renaldo isn't exactly made for?

     -Making friends. :| (Blank Stare) He's a reeeaaal loser. Everyone's been out to get him from day one. I mean, he's only been dedicating his life to humiliating people. And it's no wonder his whole family hates him. XD He's got cousins in Japan trying to blow him up. Hahaha. Stupid Renaldo, that's what you get. Stabbed with a Fork!

(P.S. Renaldo, I hope we can still be friends after this.) Giggle

3. Who's Peyton dating?

     -Grey Kit Emoticon-Lmfao Laugh LOL XD :D (Big Grin) You're so funny omg haha, I'm peeing my pants. Stare 
I applaud you for the joke. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa ' 

4. Can Lila be a bad influence?

     -Well duuuh! She's a filthy spoiled brat who doesn't know anything and doesn't deserve anything! She's always stealing ♥precious Peter's guitar Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] ♥ and trying to sell it on eBay like some filthy squib! Yeah, that's right! She's a filthy squib!!!1!! EVIL Laughter! Evil Onion 

5. What advice would you give Annie?

     -You're perfect, hun! Megurine Luka (Agrees) [V1] Keep doing whatever you're doing because whatever it is, it's working! Like if you were any other girl, I might just bash you for making Peter fall in love with you. But I'm just so glad you don't like him back. La la la la :la: choir 'Cause if you did...let's just say there'd be a problem between us. Giggle IMing - :flailrage: + PLZ 
BUT GUUURL, THANKS FOR LIKE DITCHING HIM AND IGNORING HIM AND TELLING HIM THAT'S HE'S NOT WORTHY AND ALL THAT NICE STUFF BECAUSE NOW...Llama-Emoji-13 (I'm Pretty) [V1] he kinda hates you, girl. And I know that sounds really really really really bad, but, let's face it, you don't even care about him or anythang, so it'd be aight if I just caught his heart instead. And Annie, I just think you're cool because I haven't heard from you in a while. XD And you've like almost disappeared. Thanks for lying low! Hahaha, you're probably back in your village trying to fight Natasha... 

6. What would you do if you hadn't met Jared?

     -Honestly, my life wouldn't be very different if I hadn't known him at all. Well, he was funny throughout the years and stuff, and to be honest, I HAVE fangirled over him before...but seriously, I don't think I really care. I didn't even cry when he died. Stare 

7. Ever slept in the same room with Rinaldi?

     -Lol, don't be joking. Rinaldi is already so slippery and elusive as it is. He'd probably punch ANYONE in the face that tries to get too close to him. Like, you'd just be walkin' down the street, and all of a sudden -- BANG! You get slapped in the face because you were within breathing range of the guy. And I'm not even joking! Crying Like he'll have your butt in prison for being in the same room as him. Dead (RIP) So no, Rinaldi is a bad idea. Disbelief 

8. Do you love Fred?

     -No, not really. He's too crazy and smart for me. I already made it clear that Peter's the only one for me. Heart Love But FRED, he's too obsessed with rockets and missiles to even care about anyone but himself. The guy gets riled up so easily, though! He can punch like Rinaldi I bet. He dwells in fantasies of destroying the world. Tsk. He gets me mad.

9. Who does Benjamin like?

     -Good question. I don't think he actually likes anyone. More like "tolerates." I know he hates his mum and his two sisters. But I think the person he's closest to is his dad. (Mainly because his dad is like this super rich billionaire guy that has loads of cash and loves to spend money on Benjamin. Plus, he's really smart and "misunderstood" like his son. They both hate the world and its contents.) :D (Big Grin)

10. Who would win in a duel, Desmond or Peyton? And what kind of duel would they pick, anyway?

     -Aight, guys. First of all, let's just assess our people here. Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 

DESMOND: •Killed his brother. •Cries a lot. •Hates his sister. •Weak. •Plays the triangle. Annoying Fly 

PEYTON: •Really smart. •Can't mess with him. •He has a death stare. :killa: •Good in hand-to-hand combat. •Strong. •Killed the Shinigami that came with his Death Note. •Gave his brother a permanent scar on the right eye when they were little kids. Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] Stare 

Now that you know all about ze tributes, it seems apparent that Peyton would win. :yawn Indeed, if it was a fight that involved skill and strength. However, y'alls is probably wondering how Desmond killed his brother in the first place. See, there's this thing called a Death Note. And when you write someone's name in it, they die! :O (Eek) And that's exactly how he killed his brother. (Jared.) So if it was a Death Note duel, Peyton would still have an unfair advantage over Desmond because in order to operate the Death Note, you need a name and a face. And it just so happens that Peyton wears a mask 24/7 y'all. So Desmond is unable to see Peyton's face in order to kill him.

EVIL Laughter! Devilish DESMOND DOESN'T EVEN HAVE HIS OWN DEATH NOTE, THOUGH. (Plot twist!) Desmond had to borrow Peyton's in order to kill Jared. And then Peyton wrote Desmond's name in it about a week later. (So then he died.) XD But yeah, if they were dueling, Peyton would definitely win!

:O.o: 2 

:awkward: That's it, y'all. I guess that was fun to do. XD Here's the link to this wonderful meme: HERE. It's so awesome and easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!
*hands out random bags of candy*

Oh and I guess you can call those characters above me and my sister's OC's. Yupp. Pretty much. Thanks for reading if you did, and byeee~
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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

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